Orion Sandbox – Inspired by MineCraft!

Orion Sandbox is a recently new minecraft game that is rising in popularity in today’s gaming world. This game dives deeper into the more natural aspects of our world. Nowadays, most games deal with criminal subjects, action and violence, or horror. However, this game deals with the world itself in terms of nature, hunting, animals, and the essence of the outdoors. The main goal of this game is to survive and build a strong living for oneself in expansive forest area, while being able to protect oneself from the dangers and troubles that also come along with living in a forest.

The game starts out by allowing all users to customize their character look. The customization process is very creative, as it allows players to be unique with they changes they can add to their character’s eyes, hair, clothes, body shape, and much more. Once this process is complete, the player can add their name and they are ready to enter the Orion Sandbox world. The setting of the world is very simple, yet amazing. Almost everything in the game is pixelated, but extremely clear enough for players to be able to see the tall trees, detailed sky painted with moving clouds and a sun. The game starts out by giving instructions and tips to players when they enter the world. These instructions allow them to learn how to dig, jump, run and pick up items.

Throughout the entire game, players can pick up items seen in the world to create everyday items needed to survive. For example, one of the most common items used to create more complex objects is wood. After collection a certain amount of wood, the player can create things like torches and ladders needed for everyday survival. Fortunately, time does pass in the game, which adds a more realistic feel. The sun going down and the moon coming up is meant to signal the player that night is coming and it is time to find food, light, and shelter in order to rest up and be ready for the next morning. Around the time that the sun is going down, players can catch any animal like boars, groundhogs, and if they’re lucky, bears, to cook and chow down for dinner. However, if players stay out too late, they could encounter some deadly and unfriendly beasts that could harm or kill them, like zombies and spiders.

Overall, the whole point of Orion Sandbox is to welcome players into a fresh, nature filled world, where hard work and great survival kills are necessary in order to make a great living in a huge forested area. With this game, all players will be highly enthralled and won’t hesitate to indulge in the Sandbox world where the possibilities are endless.