Another Cool Version Of The Famous Fortnite Game – Fort Shooter Simulator!

Fort Shooter Simulator serves as a great video game utility that can help practice building structures in a 3D environmental space, similar to a Sandbox battle royale shooter game like Fortnite. The game supports similar mechanics that can help a two players in understanding the utilities that are required to build structures in video games rapidly and without thinking. Continue reading

No Internet Connection? Play This Cool T-Rex Game!

If you’ve ever used Google Chrome, then you’ve probably encountered the T-Rex. You know the one – this 8-bit dinosaur appears on a white background when the Internet goes out. It’s usually accompanied by an error message.
What you may not know is that this error message comes with a cool dinosaur game! You may have already encountered it if you’ve ever used Chrome in offline mode or on mobile. Numerous other sites host it if you feel like playing without disconnecting the Internet. It’s a basic, enjoyable side-scroller .

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Memes Are Back In The Cool Game Trollface Quest Video Games 2!

Are you a huge fan of memes from ten years ago? Do you like video games, but not in a way that requires you to play them? Do you think it’s the height of humor to poke something and have it make a funny face? If so, you’ve probably found the game that was made for you. Trollface Quest Video Games 2 is not a game, but rather a collection of all the worst parts of internet humor. It’s about as fun as watching paint dry to most people, but those who have an incredibly arrested sense of humor will probably get a giggle.

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Scrap Metal 2: Satisfying Speed and Rollovers

Though its sequel is already out, Scrap Metal 2 is one of the most interesting little stunt driving sandbox games with a bit to offer players ala Crash Drive 2 or Burnout. Scrap Metal 2 comes to the field with sandbox design and a load of mechanical controls that help you create precision jumps and epic rollovers, and should be regarded as one of PaCoGames crowning achievements.

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Pen Pineapple Apple Pen

Pen Pineapple Apple Pen is an addicting new game for your iPhone, iPad or any other smartphone or tablet. Based on the viral internet music video, this game combines catchy background music with a fun and simple concept. Simply tap the screen to send your pen flying upwards from the bottom of the screen – your goal is to hit the moving fruits passing by! Each fruit you hit earns you a point, or multiple points depending on the difficulty of the shot. Miss an apple, and it’s game over! Continue reading

Orion Sandbox – Inspired by MineCraft!

Orion Sandbox is a recently new minecraft game that is rising in popularity in today’s gaming world. This game dives deeper into the more natural aspects of our world. Nowadays, most games deal with criminal subjects, action and violence, or horror. However, this game deals with the world itself in terms of nature, hunting, animals, and the essence of the outdoors. The main goal of this game is to survive and build a strong living for oneself in expansive forest area, while being able to protect oneself from the dangers and troubles that also come along with living in a forest. Continue reading