Memes Are Back In The Cool Game Trollface Quest Video Games 2!

Are you a huge fan of memes from ten years ago? Do you like video games, but not in a way that requires you to play them? Do you think it’s the height of humor to poke something and have it make a funny face? If so, you’ve probably found the game that was made for you. Trollface Quest Video Games 2 is not a game, but rather a collection of all the worst parts of internet humor. It’s about as fun as watching paint dry to most people, but those who have an incredibly arrested sense of humor will probably get a giggle.

If you’re going to describe this game, it’s probably one of the typical trollface games. You click on specific parts of the screen in order to get a brief animation and a trollface. That’s it. There’s not a lot here to enjoy if there is anything at all. The joke wears thin in about five minutes for most players, which is about as long as it will take you to figure out the shoddy mechanics of the first puzzle. It’s the flash game equivalent of stubbing your toe – there’s a brief reaction, but you’ll get over it quickly.

The thing that sets this particular iteration of the series apart is that it involves video game characters. It doesn’t do so in a novel or interesting way, though – it just uses the easiest jokes possible for the characters. The jokes aren’t new, either – they’re often from outdated sources. In fact, some of the jokes in Trollface Quest Video Games 2 are so old that you must wonder if the developer has actually played video games before or if he or she just looked up some forum jokes from the late 1990s. In short, the game’s really not even funny for those who should be the target audience.

The sole saving grace of the Trollface Quest Video Games 2 is that it is short. If you find yourself accidentally wandering towards the game and find yourself driven to finish it, you’ll be done in a few short minutes. After that, you can go try to find something that will actually make you laugh. There’s nothing good here at all, so don’t play it if you don’t absolutely have to do so. Almost any other ‘comedy’ game is funnier than this one and almost anything else you find online – include Excel – will be a more entertaining game.