Trollface Quest: Video Games Walkthrough

The Trollface Quest series is a surreal and humorous take on traditional point-and-click puzzle games. Inexplicable yet hilarious scenarios usually featuring the titular trollface protagonist are put before the player, and it is their job to figure out what it is the game wants from them, and how to achieve that.

In Trollface Quest: Video Games, this formula is applied to classic gaming icons such as Mortal Kombat and DOOM, as well as more modern games such as Assassin’s Creed and Goat Simulator. The resulting game is a mishmash of pop culture references topped off with humor ranging from the bizarre to the scatological. There is in fact poop in more than one level of this game, and it is hilarious.

Trollface Quest: Video Games is a short game, capping off at only 10 levels, but each one is unique both in its presentation, the game that is being parodied, and how the puzzle is solved. There is no one game mechanic, but rather a consortium of mouse movements that must be inferred from each situation. Notably, failing a level will often lead to a humorous scene in its own right, and it is often worth performing the failing actions in order to see what the creators thought up. Frankly, it is not a difficult game, and the entertainment value comes much more from enjoying the humor and parody than from satisfaction at overcoming a true obstacle. This is not a bad thing, and the simple challenges of Trollface Quest: Video Games allows the focus of the game, the humor, to truly shine through and take priority.

The value that you will find in Trollface Quest: Video Games really depends on what kind of person you are. Are you willing to laugh at a fart? How about a man being ridden as a bike? The surrealist element of Trollface Quest: Video Games is understated yet highly welcome, a style of humor that is so often contrived and awkward finding a good balance here. To conclude, while the more discerning player might grow tired of the strange and often disgusting world of Trollface Quest: Video Games, any gamer with modern sensibilities, a penchant for memes and a good knowledge of the gaming scene will find a lot to love in this little game.


The Walkthrough of Trollface Quest: Video Games.