No Internet Connection? Play This Cool T-Rex Game!

If you’ve ever used Google Chrome, then you’ve probably encountered the T-Rex. You know the one – this 8-bit dinosaur appears on a white background when the Internet goes out. It’s usually accompanied by an error message.
What you may not know is that this error message comes with a cool dinosaur game! You may have already encountered it if you’ve ever used Chrome in offline mode or on mobile. Numerous other sites host it if you feel like playing without disconnecting the Internet. It’s a basic, enjoyable side-scroller .

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Scrap Metal 2: Satisfying Speed and Rollovers

Though its sequel is already out, Scrap Metal 2 is one of the most interesting little stunt driving sandbox games with a bit to offer players ala Crash Drive 2 or Burnout. Scrap Metal 2 comes to the field with sandbox design and a load of mechanical controls that help you create precision jumps and epic rollovers, and should be regarded as one of PaCoGames crowning achievements.

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Euro Penalty

Euro Penalty is a simple mobile game that allows you to play out penalty shots on the soccer field. The game uses very basic two-dimensional graphics. Everything is mostly solid colors with very little shading or texture. The animations are somewhat smooth although they can be a little jarring at times. The game has some music on the start menu. The sound effects are faded and generic. The meaning of some of the sounds is not always clear. The booing and cheering of the crowd in the background sound almost the same. Continue reading