No Internet Connection? Play This Cool T-Rex Game!

If you’ve ever used Google Chrome, then you’ve probably encountered the T-Rex. You know the one – this 8-bit dinosaur appears on a white background when the Internet goes out. It’s usually accompanied by an error message.
What you may not know is that this error message comes with a cool dinosaur game! You may have already encountered it if you’ve ever used Chrome in offline mode or on mobile. Numerous other sites host it if you feel like playing without disconnecting the Internet. It’s a basic, enjoyable side-scroller .

Here’s how T-Rex Game works:
The controls are simple. You have a choice of 2 buttons – the space bar, or left-click. In some cases, you may find the space bar has less delay between presses. On mobile, all you do is tap the screen.
Press once to begin. The T-Rex will automatically begin running. It’s your job to keep it safe – press to make it jump. Randomly-generated cacti will begin appearing from the right side of the screen. If the dinosaur touches them, the game will be over and you’ll have to option to restart. The goal is to travel as far as possible. Since it’s single-player, the only score to beat is your own. Your previous best and current scores display in the corner of the screen.
This game is very reminiscent of classic 8-bit games. The graphics are pixel art, minimalist from a design point of view, but clearly well thought out. The dinosaur is surprisingly expressive, which is a cute touch.
The audio completes this 8-bit callback. Sounds play when you begin, restart, jump and crash. These retro beeps and bips complement the game very well.
And, much like the classic 8-bit games many of us grew up with, the T-Rex game never ends. It gets faster and faster until you hit a cactus, and then resets. It’s simple, retro, and a lot of fun, especially if there’s no Internet.
I’d recommend this game to everyone. Adults and children alike will be entertained by this charming little T-Rex as it hops around the desert. 80’s kids in particular may appreciate this nostalgic callback to their childhood games.