Farming Simulator Online

“Farming Simulator Online” is one of the most ambitious browser-based games to come out in some time. However, for every one thing the game does well, there are three or four others it does terribly. The result is a game that is a technical marvel but a poor gaming experience.

The first thing you’ll notice about “Farming Simulator Online” is that it takes a long time to get started. While most browser games are under five MB in size and load in a matter of seconds, “Farming Simulator Online” is a large 22 MB and takes nearly a minute to load on fast Internet connections. If you’re on dial-up Internet access, you can forget about playing this title. However, it’s clear why the game takes so long to load the minute you get a look at the graphics. The graphics are akin to something you would find on a Sony PlayStation game and feature full 3D graphics. In the Options menu, you can choose between four different graphical settings. You can also turn off the music in the Options menu, which is a good idea unless you’re a fan of a smooth jazz rhythm that loops after five seconds.

The overall objective of “Farming Simulator Online” boils down to planting crops and then harvesting them for money. While you can also buy and sell farm animals, the majority of your time is spent planting and harvesting wheat and corn. You’ll drive a tractor and a combine in this game, each with unique attachments. Luckily, “Farming Simulator Online” doesn’t require you to till the entire field to move onto the next objective, only requiring that you complete a percentage of the area to reach the next step. “Farming Simulator Online” can also save your progress, provided you don’t clear your browser history.

There are no rival farmers to compete against and no time limit in this title; you’re free to take as long as you want, provided you have enough gas for your farm vehicles. That brings us to the major issue that “Farming Simulator Online” struggles with, which is boredom. Despite two different vehicles to drive, the core of the game is always “turn in circles in a small field.” There is no real objective or any real skill to speak of in this title, and most players will find themselves quickly growing bored within minutes.

Unfortunately, the game also struggles with unclear instructions due to poor English. It also suffers from a handful of visual glitches. While some gamers will find the game a relaxing way to unwind, most will find it tedious and boring. It’s worth a play to view the graphics, but you shouldn’t expect the title to hold your attention.