Hill Racing Game!

The graphics of Hill Racing 2 are the first thing that you’ll notice. They look like they came from the 80s with the colors and the designs of the trucks and the courses. The music is fun though as it makes you feel like you’re at a county fair or at a carnival. It’s not the best music for a racing game, but it helps to take your mind off of the images on he screen.

There are several kinds of cars in Hill Racing to choose from, such as the roadster or a wagon. There are 40 levels to get through in the game. You have to start with the roadster, and as you complete challenges, earn coins and complete levels, then you’ll unlock more cars. The first hill racing track that you start with is plain and doesn’t have a lot of hills. As you progress through the game you can unlock more tracks that include a desert scene and one in the arctic that has many hills that are sometimes difficult to climb.

When you select the vehicle and the track, you can then add upgrades to the vehicle to make it handle better or to add a larger fuel tank so that you don’t run out of gas as easily. Each upgrade takes coins away, so you have to pay attention to what you need most before spending all of your money until you earn more coins.

There is a gas pedal on the right side of the screen that you press with the mouse and a brake pedal on the left side of the screen. This makes it feel like you’re in a real car, but it can be hard to jump over some of the hills in the game. If you go too fast, then you flip over and have to start again from a certain spot.


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