Euro Penalty

Euro Penalty is a simple mobile game that allows you to play out penalty shots on the soccer field. The game uses very basic two-dimensional graphics. Everything is mostly solid colors with very little shading or texture. The animations are somewhat smooth although they can be a little jarring at times. The game has some music on the start menu. The sound effects are faded and generic. The meaning of some of the sounds is not always clear. The booing and cheering of the crowd in the background sound almost the same.

You start Euro Penalty by choosing your team. There are 24 different teams in six groups. The only difference between the teams is the color of your flag and player. Everything in the game is done with a single tap on the screen. You begin as the shooter standing in front of the soccer net. A goalie from the opposing team stands in front of the net. Kicking the ball involves stopping three meters along the bottom of the screen. The first meter determines the horizontal destination in the net. The second meter is how high you want the ball to go. The final meter is how powerful you want to kick the ball. You just tap to stop each meter.

You alternate into the position of goalie after each shot. Playing as goalie is different. A pair of red gloves will flash up briefly on the screen as the computer-controller opponent kicks the ball. You have to tap those gloves at the right moment to send your character flying towards the ball. If you are lucky, then you will stop the ball and prevent a goal. Play alternates until someone scores three points or each side kicks the ball nine times. You can end up in a tie with the opposing team.

Euro Penalty is a pretty basic game. The animations are confusing at times. It often looks like your goalie stopped the ball even though a point was scored. The red gloves for the goalie do not always show up. The computer-controlled players are not overly powerful although they still present a challenge. You need to play through around two dozen matches in order to win the championship. You do not get much fanfare if you win. There are no achievements or other features beyond the basic gameplay. This can make the game start to feel a little stale after you play for several rounds. Euro Penalty is a simple and fun mobile game for fans of soccer.

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