Whack The Creeps

Whack The Creeps is a point-and-click Flash game with a simple premise. You’re relaxing at a bar with your boyfriend, and he needs to use the restroom. As soon as he leaves, a couple of creeps walk into the bar and start harassing you in not so subtle ways. The bartender doesn’t seem to react, so you’re left to handle the situation yourself. In this particular game, that means unleashing a lot of violence on both creeps.

Players use the mouse to look around the game’s setting, which is a bar. A simple click allows players to interact with objects on the map. Items highlighted in red will initiate a cutscene once clicked. For instance, clicking on the pen results in one creep with an eye gouged out and the other with a smashed face. Flash games never become much more simple than a point-and-click, and Whack The Creeps relies upon comedy.

Black, white, red, and grays are the only colors players will see in Whack The Creeps. It’s a limited range of colors, yet the game still looks good. For instance, the bar features a lot of detail with plenty of objects and items strewn about. Cutscenes run smoothly for the most part, albeit with occasional jitters. Although players can find prettier Flash games, Whack The Creeps looks great for a point-and-click game. Fans of the genre shouldn’t expect visuals that break the norm.

Whack The Creeps includes some clever death scenes and a handful of secrets. Unfortunately, the game doesn’t provide much replay value, since players will see the same deaths over and over again. There’s no point to this game after everything has been found, unless one wants to make friends or family members cringe at the deaths later. Other Whack The.. flash games are available online for players that desire more.

During the first playthrough, Whack The Creeps is an entertaining and gory game with a few surprises. Players that enjoy point-and-click games with predetermined results won’t complain about this title. Graphics look nice, even with a limited color scheme. Without a doubt, controls for the game couldn’t be more simple or straightforward. A player won’t find much to do on successive plays, though. Fans of mayhem and murder will enjoy this title. However, the squeamish should look elsewhere for something to play.

Overall Rating: 7.5/10

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