Biome 3D = Agario in 3D!

“Biome 3D” is the latest addition to a new genre of multiplayer io games where you need to grow your avatar and devour other players on an abstract field. The graphics in the game are incredibly simple. All characters are just half-spheres sliding along the ground. The background in the game is just a checkered floor with some low-resolutions walls and trees scattered around. There is no music and no sounds effects. This can leave the action feeling a little dull since you get to audio feedback for your actions on the screen.

You start “Biome 3D” by logging into one of three geographically different servers. Something good about the game is that you actually get a little information about the server before you connect to it. You can see the percentage of capacity of the server. This lets you estimate whether there might be too many or too few people playing to make the experience enjoyable. You choose the name for your avatar and potentially a skin that will stretch an image across the surface of your blob if you want.

You play a blob in “Biome 3D” that is constantly moving around a large and flat board. Colored food pellets are scattered everywhere. Your goal is to eat the food pellets so that your blob grows. You can then start eating other blobs on the field if you are larger than they are. You can also split your blob if you get too large or need to escape a pursuer. You pick up the gameplay fast. A leaderboard in the upper corner shows you the top scorers and largest blobs on the field. The game does lack a mini-map to show you what is ahead. The solution to this seems to be that you can rotate the camera freely to manually check for threats.

“Biome 3D” can be very slow-paced at first. You can easily find unoccupied parts of the map where you just slowly eat food pellets and grow. The players are not always terribly aggressive unless you pass too close to one. An issue is that there is not much more to the game other than eating and hunting for smaller blobs. This can make the gameplay a little stale after the novelty of everything wears off. “Biome 3D” is a well-made game for the genre that can be entertaining for some time. It might not be very repayable because of the lack of any additional features.

Agario 3D? No Biome 3D!