My Little Farmies

“My Little Farmies” is a browser-based title that allows players to grow their own crops, tend to their own farm and do a variety of things with their produce and livestock.

Players can start growing crops and raising animals after verifying their e-mail address with their My Little Farmies account. This farming dominion is solely within the player’s hands and through her available resources. The resources granted to a starting player extend to a flour mill and a small plot. As players succeed in completing various quests, like getting a chicken to lay its first egg, the player gains access to new activities, better crops and better items. Completing a quest earns the player both experience to increase their skills as a farmer and money to buy tools, seeds, animals, upgrades for the player’s farm and other goods and services.

Fortunately, players can gain assistance from several NPCs. These characters are willing to purchase items from the player’s inventory and the rewards and requests scale as the player’s farmer grows in experience. Animals also occupy a significant role in My Little Farmies, a proper animal pen contains the appropriate feed and space to occupy the animal(s); feed can be acquired from vendors or players can convert it from crops. Fortunately, the game prevents you from purchasing animals you have insufficiently-sized pens for; you can’t get horses if you only have chicken coops and rabbit pens.

The game’s interface uses a 3/4 isometric perspective and is extremely user-friendly; every navigable feature of the game is easily accessed from one main window. The rather easy difficulty in general gameplay and quest completion means that low-level players will have a lot of things to try out over a very short period of time.

Like most other modern online farm┬átitles, My Little Farmies has a premium form of currency, known as gold bars, that can be acquired in minuscule amounts from quests or by spending real life currency. My Little Farmies also incorporates a friend mechanic where you can receive in-game benefits by convincing a friend to try the game; players’ rewards scale with the number of friends who actively play this quaint title.

If you’re interested in breeding livestock, hybridizing plants or proving your ability to develop a sustainable farm and ranch, give My Little Farmies a try.