Fleeing The Complex is a popular choose-your-own adventure game with a stick-man aesthetic

In Fleeing the Complex there are a large number of games that use this familiar art style, but it is really done to perfection in this particular adventure game. The game starts you out with a cut scene that introduces you to the predicament your character is in. After the cut scene, the base gameplay kicks in and you start making a variety of choices that determine your character’s fate. Choose the wrong option and you’re rewarded with your character failing to achieve his goal of getting away from his captors in hilarious ways. For some encounters, there is a timer forcing you to make your decisions quickly or fail and retry the segment.

Fleeing The Complex is really a game created by gamers for gamers. There are many choices that reference various games from Nintendo, Sega and PC developer Valve. These range from choosing to outrun your captures with shoes that resemble Sonic’s shoes from the Sega to getting knocked out by a guard in a boxing match that resembles Nintendo’s Punch-out franchise. These kinds of encounters are what keep the game entertaining for the small amount of time it takes to beat the game.

The exceptional audio and visuals in this game are what makes the whole package come together. The voice acting is a really important part of why the game is so well received. While it may not be the most professional voice acting, the fake accents of the bad guys really make you laugh at many parts in the game. The clever animations for all the ways you can fail in the game are really what keeps you playing. Failure in this game isn’t something negative that you want to avoid. You want to fail, so you can watch on with glee at what hilarious failures await your character.

While choose-your-own adventure games may not be the most popular genre in gaming today, this game pulls it off with pleasing audio, visuals and humor. The only real downside to the game is that it ends too quickly. However, the developers have many other titles available with the same level of high-quality gameplay and style. Fleeing The Complex is often mentioned by many people as one of the best stick-man games of all time. After playing the game extensively, I would have to agree with those people.

Can you flee from that place?

(via Click ‘N’ Click Again and Guru of Games)