Don’t Whack Your Teacher!! Never. Really!

Don’t Whack Your Teacher is part of a genre of games that are really just there to either be funny or allow people to vent frustrations. The problem is that this game might seriously disturb some people and contains brutal depictions of violence in a setting that might be sensitive to the public. The style of the artwork in the game is nice. The animations, however, are jumpy and crude. There is a single classic background song going while you play. There are also adequate sound effects and voice work at points. The game is all in monotone unless blood appears on the screen.

The setting for Don’t Whack Your Teacher is a schoolroom. You play the role of a student who is sitting next to a teacher. It appears your character is being scolded for something. You use the mouse to click on various items around the cluttered classroom. When you do click an item, an animation starts showing your character getting up and using that item to harm or kill the teacher in some way. The animation plays through and ends. You then click on the next button to reset the screen. You repeat the process over and over by selecting different items and watching the various animations. A score shows how many of the ten total items you have found and used.

The issue with Don’t Whack Your Teacher is that it is not really a game. There is no challenge and no fail state. Your character cannot die or lose. The objects in the game are all fairly obvious and take no real skill to find. The animations are automatic so that you do not do anything. It is more like a twisted narrative than a game.

Something that is bothersome is the level of violence in the game. It is depicted in a very personal and brutal way. The child in the game does things such as beating the teacher to death with a chair, slicing his neck with a pair of scissors and breaking the teacher’s skull with a coffee pot. Red blood appears in the monochrome screen enhancing the sense of violence.

Don’t Whack Your Teacher is likely intended to be a funny game where the joke is that you get revenge on a teacher. Unfortunately, the animations in the game are not funny. They are just depictions of violent acts performed by a child against an adult in a school setting. Don’t Whack Your Teacher might be entertaining for anyone who really enjoys this genre of games.

(via Game News)

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