This game is a 2-dimensional fighting game that has a cute concept behind it. You’re shaped like a NES-style robot and are fighting a bunch of other robots in a Royal Rumble match. You only have about two different moves, which consists of throwing forward and throwing backwards with the “z” and “x” buttons respectively. The graphics are simple, nothing high-tech, present day, or even futuristic. This is more of a 1980’s arcade game where your arms spin like pinwheels when you attempt to throw. Movement is also made simple, as you use the arrows to maneuver around the ring, along with using the “up” arrow to jump.

The objective of the game is to throw your opponents out of the ring. At some points, you literally are picking up your robot enemy, holding them above your head comically, and throwing them with all of your might. It should also be noted that your opponents rain down on you, literally. As you are fighting the first few, more drop into the ring, making the scene a little chaotic. The downfall to this is that the graphics are not of optimal performance, so when too much movement is happening on screen, the game starts to lag and becomes choppy. This makes the game almost unplayable, so you are either button-smashing in hopes of your guy staying in the match, or you let whatever happens happen until the graphics catch up. You are also expected to complete tasks during the wrassling match. For example, you may be required to throw at least two people out, and when this is accomplished, you earn a new hat for your robot to wear while he fights, because all wrestlers should fight and wrestle in style. There is also a huge, angry, red boss robot who comes down and breaks half the turnbuckles and ropes off of the ring. I have not been able to defeat him yet, as it is much like a civilian battling the Incredible Hulk. If you want to try a different mode, it will redirect you to another website.

While the game has its fun (and funny) moments, it should be noted that this is a good game to play if you are looking to fill in some time or are waiting for something to download. If you are looking for something more innovative and involved, this isn’t the go-to game.

Play Wrassling here! ENJOY!!

(via Mizu and Roxx)