Legends of Honor

Legends of Honor is a real-time multiplayer strategy game. The game takes place in a generic fantasy setting. The graphics in the game are equally generic and do not really stand out as anything special. They are nicely rendered, however. A big problem is that there is no sound at all. You get no music and no tones when you click a button. This becomes really distracting since it makes everything seem lifeless and dull.

Legends of Honor follows the same basic formula as nearly every other free-to-play multiplayer strategy game online. You start with your mostly empty kingdom. You build houses, mines and other structures. You gather food, stone and wood as resources to build more. You eventually can start building troops to defend your castle and to plunder nearby marauders or other players. Something nice is that there is a tutorial in the game walking you through all the basic tasks. This makes it easy for anyone to get started.

Most of your time in the game is spent managing resources and building structures. A timer counts down on each building until it is finished. The timer does not matter much at first. If you keep playing to higher levels, then the timer becomes a problem as it takes hours or days to construct new buildings or items. The way around this is to use gems to instantly build anything. Gems are the premium currency in the game purchased with real-world money. The fact that the game wants you to buy gems is apparent since you receive constant reminders about the store.

Combat in Legends of Honor is relative straightforward. You build an army, select the troops you want to send into battle, add any bonus items you own and then click start. The battle is totally automated. You just get the battle report when it is over. You can fight right away by marching your troops around the countryside although threats tend to be scarce since player castles are packed tightly together.

Legends of Honor does not seem to be a completed game. It has no sound. Many buttons do not work. One actually says coming soon when clicked. The action is slow-paced and the timers get annoying after you reach a respectable level. There is nothing intrinsically wrong with the game. There is just nothing separating it from all the others out there. Legends of Honor is a playable and competent strategy game that people who really love the genre would probably enjoy.



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